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We hired Lex to direct Curse of the Sapphire Blade in 2021 which went on to receive a 5 star review. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Lex was always a source of positivity and productivity. Although she did not have a lot of experience with some of the play’s themes, she worked closely with the writer and producers and conducted highly thorough research. One of her most effective exercises was to get the team to collaborate and create a map of the world of the play and where it is in the universe so everyone was on the same page. This was a really useful tool that helped the actors tell the story through immersion, rather than exposition. This is just one example of the diverse exercises she included within the rehearsal period that kept the actors feeling engaged and motivated. Her creative vision and knack for comedy made her a perfect fit for this project and we found her to be a pleasure to work with.

Intimacy Director Bristol
Intimacy Director Bristol

"I’ve worked with Lex on a number of different projects, and I’m routinely impressed with the apparent ease with which she runs a rehearsal room. Of course, if you take any moment to actually reflect on what she’s doing, it becomes abundantly clear it’s not ease – it’s quietly establishing the best way to get both the best out of an actor and a scene, and pulling emotion and comedy from places that others wouldn’t have thought to look. A rehearsal room by Lex is also inherently a safe place to explore and get things wrong – I’ve seen her work with actors who are performing for the first time, and with seasoned professionals, and she always manages to bring out a sense of confidence and a quality of performance that was not there to begin with. As a writer, it takes a lot to trust a Director with your script – this living thing that you’ve spent months, years, pouring your heart and soul into – but I’d trust Lex every time."

- Douglas Murdoch
Writer & Producer 

Having worked with Lex Kaby in my role as company director for RARE Productions, I can confidently say that she is one of the most gifted directors I have employed.

The five years we spent working together, initially as a choreographer and later as a director proved to be a very creative and successful period for the company.

Considerable artistic flair combined with effective management skills make Lex an ideal theatre director. Her attention to detail and the high quality production values she achieves would give any producer the confidence to know that the project is in very safe hands

- Andrew Burton 
Company Director RARE Productions

Intimacy Director Bristol

I have had the pleasure of working with Lex on a few projects now and she is one of the best directors I have worked with throughout my acting career so far. She challenges me to constantly better myself and continuously build on my characters. Although this was something I felt I used to do well, working with Lex made me realise how much further I could push myself. She creates an environment that is safe and fun to play in and is always encouraging fresh creative choices. Her positivity can be felt from dynamic warm ups, right through to the end of the rehearsal. If I feel myself start to dip, her positive energy constantly brings me back up. Lex is also a great listener, she doesn’t enforce the traditional and old fashioned ‘suffer for your art’ mentality; if there is something that needs to be addressed, she is easy to talk to and makes herself available for important or sensitive conversations whenever they are needed. Supportive, encouraging, creative and brilliant is how I would describe my experience as an actor working with Lex.

- Alicia King 
Actor & Voice Over Artist

Intimacy Director Bristol
Intimacy Director Bristol

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lex on several projects now, and I’m always impressed by her ability to nurture both the project and the people she works with. She puts everyone at ease and is skilled at creating a rehearsal environment that is fun and playful, as well as caring, safe and relaxing. This is deftly combined with a sincere interrogation of the text and staging, ultimately creating shows that do justice to the plays and the subject matter. Her thoughtful input and warm, positive outlook empowers all theatre-makers to create work and give performances that are personal, meaningful and striking. In my experience, Lex’s approach has been rewarding whatever the style, form or theme. She always gets to the heart of the story that wants to be told and charts the best way to do that, making her an asset as both a director and collaborator.

- Alex Latham
Lighting and Sound Designer

Intimacy Director Bristol
Intimacy Director Bristol

Lex brings an excitable and engaging energy to the rehearsal room, exploring work in a playful and collaborative way. Her creative vision for a process is focused, allowing for performance, design and technical elements to flourish within a collective creative focus. Through her MA at Bath Spa and working with local companies, alongside her work as Artistic Director of Greedy Pig Theatre Company, she is developing a diverse collection of past projects and an extensive and varied experience of the industry which only develop her practice further.

- Patrick James Withey
Theatre Maker Artistic Director of Black Hound Productions

I had the pleasure of working with Lex on The Last Thing He Saw Was a Ferret, a challenging piece of new writing rehearsed entirely over Zoom. Lex managed to bring us together as an ensemble despite the digital divide, creating a fun and safe working environment. Further, her thoughtful direction allowed me to easily break down the text and find real nuance in my character. She was constantly supportive, enthusiastic, and detailed - I loved every minute of working with her. 

- Nell Bailey

Intimacy Director Bristol
Intimacy Director Bristol

Lex is a highly intuitive and professional director who is able to facilitate excellent work. With a keen eye for details, she is able to work efficiently and creatively with actors in a rehearsal room and  with a creative team. Working with Lex on various projects, I have been able to watch her adapt her skill-set to a variety of genres of staged work as well as demonstrate her general reliability and infectious ambitiousness as a director.

- Holly Jefferies
Creative Producer

Intimacy Director Bristol

I have worked with Lex Kaby since 2018 when I acquired Outside the Box, a UK based touring theatre company.

Lex worked for me for 2 years as a Company Show Director, preparing the acting teams for their month long tours. She proved invaluable to the company with an excellent work ethic and great directing technique. This allowed the pros to feel comfortable and confident when they embarked on their 20 plus date schedule.

I can highly recommend her professionalism and reliability in all aspects of theatre tour direction and the staging of shows.

- Dave Marriott
Outside The Box Productions

Lex Kaby is a wonderful director, i have worked with her both off and on-line and she manages to bring energy and positive vibes into the rehearsal space every time. she is brilliant at catering her style of directing to specific actors, and having seen her work she consistently smashes it!

Intimacy Director Bristol
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