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Why hire an Intimacy Director?

An Intimacy Director works with the creative and production team on live performance to support the scenes that involve intimacy or nudity. They work in collaboration with the director to choreograph the moments of intimacy within the story and to support the relevant communication between the actors and director. An Intimacy Director will advocate for the wellbeing of the actors involved in intimate scenes to allow them to work within their boundaries and create safer, collaborative, and more fruitful creative practices.

Training and Experience: 

Lex is an Intimacy Director (for live performance and stage) and is currently Certification Pending after successfully passing, Level 3 of the Certification programme at IDC Professionals, NYC. Lex has also trained at Theatrical Intimacy Education (TIE) and has completed individual training courses in Advocacy and Allyship, Safeguarding, Bystander Intervention, Anti-Harassment Training, Anti-Racism training, Mental Health First Aid and Trauma Stewardship. Lex has a strong focus on creating brave and consent-forward rehearsal spaces in every project that she approaches. Lex has over 35 training hours with TIE and over 100 training hours with IDC Professionals. 


Recent Intimacy Directing credits include: Waldo's Circus of Magic and Terror - Bristol Old Vic,  Beautiful Thing - Tobacco Factory Theatres, Black Hound Productions 'The Predicament of Jackson Scott (2022) and Greedy Pig Theatre Company's 'Peacock' (2023) The Rondo Theatre, Bath. More info can be found in CV. 



Is Lex right for your project?

Lex is driven by creating bold and authentic work that challenges the current socio-political narrative. With a strong focus on feminist, LGBTQIA+ and social issue-based work, she is experienced in balancing authentic representation and storytelling with sensitivity, comedy and joy. Her skills lay in generous collaboration and her work is grounded in the creative exploration of the ways in which we can tell the story we want to tell. Lex is always interested in talking about possible new Intimacy Directing projects and is happy to talk through possible options and quotes based on different budgets. 

Lex is currently offering Intimacy Direction workshops for universities, colleges, theatre companies, improv companies and theatres. Workshops can be tailored to the group at no additional price. 

Lex has a half day rate, a full day rate and a weekly rate, for information on her current rates, please pop her an email. 


The following links and information has been collated by Intimacy for Stage and Screen on their Resource page: 

National Health Services (NHS)

Although feelings of anxiety/"low-blues"/worry at certain times are completely normal, you should see your GP if it is affecting your daily life or causing you distress (for example: changes in sleeping, focus, food intake, mood).


Emotional support and advice:


The TV and Film Charity 


Black Thrive: 

Mind for Mental Health Support: 

ArtsMind - supports performers and creatives in need: 

Black Minds Matter: 


Anxiety, stress and self harm:




Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: 


Eating Imbalances: 


Finding a therapist:

British Association of Behavioural Cognitive Psychotherapies: 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Register UK: 

The British Association of Arts Therapies: 


Bullying, Harassment or Abuse:

Equity’s Bullying & Harassment Helpline:  020 7670 0268,

National Bullying Helpline:, 0845 22 55 787

Safe Line: 

Victim Support: 

The Havens: 

Rape Crisis: 

Male Rape & Sexual Abuse: 


Courses for Life

Bystander Intervention: 


Anti-racist Theatre: 

​Conflict Resolution: 

Young People on Set 

The Children's Production Support Hub ​ 

Forms of Self Care:
Yoga, Qi-Gong, Pilates
Supportive relationships
Nature walks
Eating well
Staying hydrated
Mainting positive social media

If you are engaging in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy then you can find more information on the websites below which include CBT information packs and worksheets that ​can help during or after your CBT sessions to practice Self Care.

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