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Lex graduated from Bath Spa university in 2016 with a First Class Honours degree in Drama and has directed every Greedy Pig project since its conception.​

Lex is the current Intern Director at The Rondo Theatre Bath and is studying an MA in Directing at Bath Spa University.


Lex has recently directed 'The Curse of the Sapphire Blade' for Black Dog Productions (2021), 'The Wave' for Calf2Cow (2021), 'DING!' for Flipside Productions (2021), 'The Predicament of Jackson Scott' (2022) for Black Hound Productions and is looking forward to working with His Terectomy in the near future. ​

Lex is passionate about gender in performance and is currently researching the ways in which actors and directors portray gender in theatre. Lex is passionate about working with progressive scripts and exciting and forward-thinking new writing as well as feminist stories. Lex enjoys playing with form, working with physical movement, surrealism and naturalism. 

Lex is an Intimacy Director, having completed Level 1 & 2 Foundations of Intimacy training course with IDC Professionals, NYC. Outside of this, she is currently researching the ways in which any rehearsal process can benefit from Intimacy Directing frameworks and processes and is passionate about creating safe and consent forward rehearsal spaces. Lex has recently Intimacy Directed for Black Hound Productions 'The Predicament of Jackson Scott (2022) and Greedy Pig Theatre Company's 'Peacock R&D' (2022). 

Lex is always interested in talking about possible new Directing, Intimacy Directing In Training or Facilitating projects, so please get in contact if you have any questions. 

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with Kaby’s tight direction beautifully bringing out the light and shade within Withey’s extended monologue-come-duologues; the switches in physicality and vocal energy between Withey’s two characters are utterly seamless.

The direction, also by Kaby is fluid and precise; bringing a great energy to the small stage.

I loved all the exercises and I think there was enough time to really get into them but also feel free to make mistakes and have time to work on them

Anonymous Participant feedback (2021)

The Fish Cage research workshop

Really good session! Course organisers welcoming, approachable, inclusive and professional

Anonymous Participant feedback (2021)

Be. R&D

Untitled design.png

The tension of each episode, cultivated by Lex Kaby and Alicia Pollard’s direction, Alex Latham’s lighting and Finn MacNeil’s sound design and composition, is perfectly balanced with the vulnerable performances of the ensemble cast. 

Confessions of a Five Foot Two Actress (2021)

The Last Thing He Saw Was A Ferret (web series)

Black Dog Productions have truly outdone themselves. With this brilliant, heady mix of comedy, action and stellar performances, this is the perfect show with which to shrug off the stresses of our pandemic world, and immerse yourself in a piece of joyous escapism.

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Confessions of a Five Foot Two Actress (2021)

The Curse of the Sapphire Blade 

I really loved the vibe that Lex had while running the workshop.

Anonymous Participant feedback (2022)

Peacock  R&D Public Workshop

_“Epic transitions paired with stark lighting flashes really gives you a pain-stricken “ot

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Photography by Douglas Murdoch, Richard Kaby, Luke Ashley Tame and Finlay Mills

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