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Lex Kaby is an early career freelance director, theatre-maker and co-founder of Greedy Pig Theatre Company, based in the South West UK. She has directed all of Greedy Pig Theatre Company’s productions to date, including ‘Life, Still’ (2019), ‘Close Your Eyes, I’m Filming’ (2020), 'Nhair' (2021), 'The Fish Cage' (2021) and ‘The Last Thing He Saw Was A Ferret’ (2021). As well as this, she has worked extensively as a director and choreographer for Rare Productions. 

Whilst working as a freelance director, she has recently directed 'The Predicament of Jackson Scott' for Black Hound Productions (2022), 'The Curse of the Sapphire Blade' for Black Dog Productions (2021), 'The Wave' for Calf2Cow (2021), 'DING!' for Flipside Productions (2021) and is looking forward to working creative producing His Terectomy's 'The Father, the Son and the Unholy F**kboys' in the near future. Lex's directing interests lay in bold and politically challenging theatre as well as comedic and naturalistic new writing. She is passionate about working with progressive scripts and exciting, forward-thinking new writing. Lex enjoys playing with form, working with physical movement, surrealism and naturalism. 

Lex is currently studying an MA in Directing at Bath Spa University and is passionate about gender in performance and is currently researching the ways in which actors and directors portray gender and intimacy on the stage.

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Lex works as the Director, Facilitator and Co-Producer for Greedy Pig Theatre Company. Greedy Pig Theatre Company is based in Bath and was founded in 2018 by Bath Spa University alumni, Lex and Doug. 


Greedy Pig Theatre Company is run by Bath Spa University alumni Douglas Murdoch, Lex Kaby and Holly Jefferies. At Greedy Pig, we love to play with perceptions of normality in our work, and are passionate about exploring themes surrounding gender, and telling LGBTQIA+ and feminist stories. We like to find the story we want to tell, and then find the best lens through which to tell that story. Sometimes that'll be a play. Sometimes it'll be a film. Sometimes both, sometimes neither, and sometimes it'll be something entirely different. After all, when it comes down to it, we are Greedy.